Member Benefits

The Regional Training and Development Consortium for Bay Area Public Agencies, formed in January 2010, is a collaboration of cities/agencies of San Mateo County and the County of San Mateo. The purpose of the Regional Training and Development Consortium is to provide training and development programs, management tools, and resources to public sector agencies in a manner that will increase efficiencies, and reduce costs while sustaining the quality and variety of programs available to public sector employees.

The many benefits to being a Consortium include saving time, resources, and money. The Consortium enables member agencies to:

  • Continue to offer mandated and non-mandated programs at reduced costs and efforts to employees.
  • Take advantage of more online programs.
  • Improve enrollment and tracking of training participation.
  • Improve collaboration and communication among member agencies.
  • Create and sustain an environment for ongoing education.
  • Continue the focus on succession planning and development.
  • Improve budget forecasting for training needs.