How to Register

DSC07828The Consortium offers a Spring and Fall brochure which provides general information about upcoming training sessions and Academies.

All upcoming Consortium training sessions and Academies are announced through e-mail notifications by the Hosting Agency (each member is asked to host a training session on an annual basis). E-mail announcements will include registration instructions, deadlines, and session information which include a session flyer or an Academy brochure.

The Hosting Agency will refer to the Member Contact Information List for e-mail addresses when sending announcements to all members. Please make sure the member list has your Agency’s correct contact information as this list is used by Hosting Agencies to market and advertise upcoming training opportunities.

It is your HR Representative’s responsibility to forward all training opportunity notices, flyers, and brochures to your workforce, and to submit the names of interested employees by the Hosting Agency’s registration deadline. Failure to do so will result in missed training opportunities for your workforce. Please advise your HR Representative of these notifications and procedures.

Who to Contact:

  • If your organization is a Consortium member and you’d like to learn more about Consortium-sponsored programs, contact your HR department.
  • If your agency is not a Consortium member but you’d still like to attend a Consortium program, contact your HR department to discuss this possibility.
  • For cities interested in membership, contact Sam Ticas at the County of San Mateo at (650) 363-4966.