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Public Sector Leadership Academy (PSLA)


The Academy was designed to give public sector management employees the opportunity to hear the newest and most innovative concepts and practices from top leaders in our community.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear and learn the dynamics and context of leading and managing in the public sector in order to be more strategic and effective in the development and implementation of quality public policy. Speakers for the Academy are current and retired local City and County Managers.

This Academy offering is targeted to local city and county management employees interested in leading in the public sector.

Public Sector Leadership Academy (PSLA) Part II

Starting in 2017, the Consortium offers a a  tool kit/resource to those agencies with recent  graduates to support their employees  in practicing and applying the skills they learned at the  Consortium’s PSLA.

The Consortium’s November 2017   annual meeting  presented information on the various features of  this tool kit/resource. Please see the links below to learn more about  these practices/methods. The tool kit outlines a plan for agencies to  provide opportunities  for  PSLA graduates to gain more hands on (transfer of learning) experiences.

Public Sector Leadership Academy Part II Tool Kit

Public Sector Leadership Academy Part II Tool Kit PowerPoint

Public Sector Supervisory Academy


This four-month program was designed for public sector employees seeking to develop their leadership skills and  essential core competencies for supervisors. Led by experienced public sector leaders and management development experts, each session is designed to incorporate interactive exercises and real-world case studies to apply fundamental concepts of supervision.

The Academy is designed for both new and experienced first-line supervisors.

Public Sector Lead Worker Academy

PSLWA Spring 2016


This academy is designed to introduce Lead Workers and future Lead Workers to the core responsibilities essential for working in a lead role.

The Academy is designed for current and future Lead Workers.





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