• Public Sector Leadership Academy
    • The Academy is designed to give public sector management employees the opportunity to hear the newest and most innovative concepts and practices from top leaders in our community.
  • Public Sector Supervisory Academy
    • Led by experienced public sector leaders and management development experts. Each session is designed to incorporate interactive exercises and real-world case studies to apply fundamental concepts of supervision.
  • Public Sector Lead Worker Academy
    • This academy is designed to introduce Lead Workers and future Lead Workers to the core responsibilities essential for working in a lead role. Participants will have the opportunity to learn techniques on successfully transitioning from line to Lead Worker.

Instructor-Led Training

  • Social Media 101
    • In this basic course, participants will learn how local governments are using social networking and social media platforms to reach and engage their communities. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about some of the newest platforms, 3rd party apps, and analytics.
  • Basic Meeting Facilitation 
    • Participants will learn how to develop agendas, work with diverse groups, manage disruptive behavior, and other basic meeting management techniques with an opportunity to learn from one another and use real life examples of challenging meetings.
  • Effective Public Speaking
    • In this highly interactive session, you will have several opportunities to practice speaking in front of your peers. By the end of the session, you will understand your speaking strengths and learn how to use the right communication skill that will enhance those strengths.
  • Customer Service
    • Participants will learn how to take customer service from good to great. At the end of the session, participants will have a greater understanding of customer service, and what is behind and how to respond to customer service challenges.
  • Introduction to Supervision
    • This session is designed for new and recently appointed supervisors to build confidence and competence in making the transition to supervisor.
  • Writing for Results
    • This session shows participants a systematic approach to report writing so that they are able to write clear, logically structured reports in less time.
  • How to Talk Finance
    • An action-packed session that will give you an overview of municipal finance and provide you with the tools and knowledge to successfully interact with finance. Topics to be covered: budgeting (allocating resources), investment/treasury, accounting systems, receipts (collecting resources), disbursements (spending the resources), and asset management.
  • Understanding Long-Term Financial Liabilities
    • Learn how pension and other liabilities impact financial planning and how modeling can assist in your analysis. Understand how local governments are developing strategies to address these liabilities. Learn how to take complex financial information, like pension liabilities, and present accessible, effective information on the topic.
  • Social Media 101
    • Communicating with our community has been permanently transformed by social networking and social media platforms. With today’s mobile technology, millions are communicating via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Nextdoor, just to name a few. Each of these platforms reaches different audiences and can deliver a range of benefits. In this basic course, participants will learn the advantages and potential pitfalls to each platform and how local governments are using these tools to reach and engage their communities. Case studies on progressive local governments “doing it right” will give participants a foundation to jump start and take their city’s digital presence to the next level.
  • Social Media Intermediate
    • Effective social media engagement is a must for any public sector agency wanting to connect to residents in this digitally connected world. This intermediate level course looks at the nuances of digital platforms to maximize reach and engagement for public sector social media managers. Topics like crisis communications, handling negative comments, content development, and branding will be among many topics covered.

Online Training

  • Preventing Sexual Harassment for Supervisors and Managers (online)
    • This online program complies with AB 1825 and AB 2053 which mandates two hours of preventing sexual harassment and anti-bullying training for managers and supervisors every two years.  This course provides information and guidance regarding federal and state laws aimed at preventing and correcting sexual and other forms of harassment, teaches employees to recognize the kind of conduct that may lead to potential harassment, and provides practical workplace scenarios that assist in preventing harassment in the workplace.
  • In addition the Consortium offers 160 Health & Safety online courses for all levels of employees.
    • Topics include: Bloodborne Pathogens, Eye on Defensive Driving, HAZCOM: What You Need To Know, Office Ergonomics and much, much more. View the course descriptions.

Want to enroll?

  • If your organization is a Consortium member and you’d like to learn more about Consortium-sponsored programs, contact your HR department.
  • If your agency is not a Consortium member but you’d still like to attend a Consortium program, contact your HR department to discuss this possibility.
  • For cities interested in membership, contact Sam Ticas at the County of San Mateo at (650) 363-4966.