Working Committee

The Working Committee, which meets monthly, supports the Consortium by conducting training needs assessments; developing policy recommendations to the governing body; seeking input from stakeholders and implementing programs and policies consistent with member agencies’ needs.

Representatives Maria Saguisag-Sid, HR Director, City of Foster City and Lenka Diaz, Human Resources Manager, Menlo Park, currently chair these meetings. Members also include:

  • Teresa Abrahamsohn, Senior HR Analyst, City of San Mateo
  • Lenka Diaz, Administrative Services Director, City of Menlo Park
  • Cora Dino, HR Director, City of Belmont
  • Darryel Mickens, Senior HR Analyst, City of Redwood City
  • Maria Saguisag-Sid, HR Director, City of Foster City
  • Gabe Aponte, Training Program Manager, San Mateo County
  • Samuel Ticas, Office Assistant, Consortium/County of San Mateo

San Mateo County provides in-kind staff support and working committee member agencies donate facilities for training courses; provide executive staff as course instructors and host and coordinate training sessions.

Additionally, the City of Redwood City serves as the Fiscal Agent to the Consortium and is responsible for the billing, tracking and reporting, grant work, enrollment, and evaluation functions.